Sharing Your Faith Legacy

Sharing Your Faith

As a mom, I am sometimes amazed at the content of the conversations I have with my sons (who are now 15 and 12).  Even though I had a positive relationship with both my parents, my parenting style is very different.  As my husband and I recover from many years of struggling with depression and PTSD, we seek to be open with our boys about how it has affected our parenting and other decisions related to their lives.  I want to share with them how faithful God has been in our lives and how our faith has sustained us through difficult times.

One of the ways to share these truths and pass on your faith legacy is through letters, journals, and scrapbooks.  The following list of articles will encourage and challenge you to be intentional about sharing your faith with those you love.



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    Thanks for sharing the legacy journal link! Several of your other links have grabbed my attention; I can’t wait to check them out. (I am always in the lookout for faithbooking inspiration.) Thanks again!

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